The Peregrine Turbine is a new type of turbomachine that substantially improves the efficiency of converting biomass to electric power by a factor of two. By combining the highly efficient Peregrine Turbine with a pyrolitic barrel biomass gasifier, not only is it possible to generate inexpensive power from biomass without RECS, it also becomes possible to sequester the carbon in the form of biochar which is the by-product of the barrel process. The biochar is a concentrated carbon that can be utilized for further benefit. It can be activated and used as a substrate for water filtration in areas where access to clean water is limited. It can also be used as a fertilizer enhancer, improving crop yields for local farmers in economically depressed areas where crop yields are typically low.

Advanced sCO2 Turbine Technology

The Peregrine Turbine is described by industry players as “Transformational” and “Disruptive”.  Our technology is projected to bring a whole new level of performance,  fuel efficiency, and low emissions to the turbine world.  Based on a proprietary thermodynamic cycle enabled by the unique properties of Super-critical Carbon Dioxide (SCO2), the Peregrine Turbine achieves unheard-of thermal efficiencies for a primary cycle turbine engine.  With the reduction of fuel burn comes a commensurate reduction in emissions and the novel burner technology further reduces harmful NOx and CO.

For mobile applications, future platforms will demand advances in integrated propulsion, power and thermal management; a total energy management system.  The Peregrine Turbine is ideally and uniquely positioned to meet those demands  and provide capabilities currently not possible with conventional and even advanced adaptive cycle engine technologies.

Our proprietary heat exchanger technology brings turbine engine hot section design principles to bear in a way that dramatically advances the state-of-the-art for these components.  In addition, reduced engine part count and design-for-sustainability features make the Peregrine Turbine a life-cycle cost winner.  Contact us to see what the future of turbine engine technology looks like.