Accessible Clean Energy

24/7 Renewable Energy

Peregrine’s sCO2 Energy Conversion and Thermal Storage Technologies will enable a 100% Renewable Grid

Achieving 24/7  carbon-free energy means having clean energy available for every hour on every grid.

Wind and solar energy production are intermittent by their very nature, so energy storage is needed.

Solar requires daily storage

A power system that relies primarily on solar would have abundant power in the middle of each day and experience a scarcity of power during the night, requiring alternative supply.

Wind requires storage up to a week

Wind power is a better matched with demand hour-by-hour (when the wind is blowing) but has longer supply gaps, also requiring alternative supply.

Efficient Energy Storage Solutions are Critical to Meeting the 24/7 Carbon-free Energy Goal

  • Many Energy Storage technologies are being advanced …. but with varying results
  • Advanced technology TES systems have potential to outperform battery storage and other conventional forms of storage.
  • Thermal energy storage (TES) is projected to be the primary generation storage for renewable electricity generation.
  • Emerging advanced technology TES systems are strongly positioned to fill short-term reserve, ramp-up capacity and load shifting needs in the PV and Wind served markets.


The problem:

A worldwide lack of access to low-cost electric power. Peregrine Turbine Technologies presents the solution to this major problem:

The Solution:

The Biomass-Fired Peregrine Turbine. This solution is cost effective, and environmentally friendly.
The PTT-KMW Biomass System nearly doubles the efficiency of current best available biomass co-gen technology. 



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