Wiscasset, ME– January 9, 2023 Peregrine Turbine Technologies, LLC today announced that Jason Pepi, former Senior Section Manager at GE Aviation has been appointed to their staff in the position of Chief Operating Officer effective immediately.

Peregrine Turbine technologies, LLC has been in development of breakthrough technology utilizing supercritical carbon dioxide in electric power conversion turbine engine technology and is currently testing a 1MW proof of concept vehicle in their lab in Maine.

Peregrine’s CEO and Chief Technology Officer, David stapp, said “Our technology is now transitioning from development and test to commercial market entry. Jason’s experience in new product development and launch, combined with his demonstrated ability to effectively lead teams make him an excellent addition to our organization. Jason is bringing a worldclass skill set to this cutting-edge turbine technology development program. He will help lead the team in completing our current proof of concept test campaign and subsequently the fielding of several 1MW electric power generating demonstration units in real world applications”

About Jason Pepi

Jason is a 26-year veteran of turbomachinery new product design, engine testing, program management, systems integration, and sourcing. he has a storied history in successfully leading teams to field and support some of the most sophisticated high-performance military and commercial engines in the world including the following:

  • T700/CT7   Apache and Blackhawk and multiple commercial aircraft
  • T901   Re-powering the Apache & Blackhawk helicopters
  • T408   Currently in the new CF53K for the USMC
  • J85   T38 trainer and various foreign military offerings
  • F404 & F414 F/A18 aircraft and various foreign military
  • F110 F16 aircraft
  • P20 Global 7000/8000 aircraft
  • CFE738 Dassault Falcon 2000 aircraft
  • GE Catalyst European B&GA aircraft
  • TF34 Installed on the A10 warthog
  • CF34-3 and -8 Installed on various regional jet aircraft
  • LV100-5 Intended to re-engine the Abrams Tank and Crusader Artillery Vehicle

Jason is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts in Lowell, MA, with a Master’s of Science and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He lives in Augusta, Maine with his wife.