Wiscasset, ME– March 13, 2023 – Peregrine Turbine Technologies (PTT) today announced formation of an Advisory Board of Directors for it Distributed Energy Systems subsidiary.

David Stapp, COE/CTO and Co-Founder of PTT stated that “as previously announced in a recent press release, the Company is preparing to field its’ proprietary, sCO2 enabled, energy conversion and storage systems into the global Distributed Energy Markets. The systems are designed to produce and store power at or near the point of use on either side of the meter.

The new Advisory Board brings significant experience and capacities that are a strong complement to the Company’s current and expanding leadership team during this exciting time”.

Meet the Peregrine Turbine Technologies Advisory Board Members:


Chief Executive Officer / Chief Technology Officer

David is CEO and CTO of Peregrine Turbine Technologies, LLC (PTT), and inventor of the Peregrine Engine. David and Robert Brooks Co-founded PTT in 2012.

He is a thirty-five (35) year veteran of aerospace engineering with expertise in Turbo-machinery design and analysis (military and commercial, aero and power-gen), UAV aircraft design (both rotary and fixed wing), structural design and analysis including stress and life, vibration, and buckling analysis in a multitude of industries, as well as high-end computer server design and integration.

David holds a BSME from the University of Colorado



Chief Development Officer

Bob is co-founder of Peregrine Turbine Technologies, LLC (PTT) and is serving as the Chief Business Development Officer for the Company. David Stapp and Bob founded PTT in 2012 and are leading the Company’s technology and business development.

Bob has demonstrated expertise in analyzing, developing, and implementing strategies and actions that optimize value bringing high impact solutions to mid and small market operating companies and Boards of Directors looking for step function improvements in EBITDA and Cash optimization.

Bob is a Maine native and received his BS degrees from the University of Maine.



sCO2 Technology and Energy Expert
Principal Consultant – Energy Conversion

Gary is a 44-year veteran of Sandia National Laboratories, NM. with his most recent role as Manager of Advanced Nuclear Concepts Department – Advanced Energy Conversion (sCO2 Brayton Cycles) Small Modular, Gen 3+ micro-reactors, Nuclear Electric Propulsion for NASA, Radiation Effects Science. Previous roles and responsibilities include:

  • Advanced Nuclear Concepts Department-Advanced Energy Conversion (sCO2 Brayton Cycles, Micro, Small Modular, Gen 3+ Nuclear Reactors, Nuclear Electric Propulsion for NASA, Radiation Effects Science.
  • Chair, Sandia Nuclear Criticality Safety Committee
  • Fuel Cycle Experiments and Analysis Department – Severe Accident Experiments,
    Nonproliferation Assessments, and Advanced Safeguards Technology, Inertial Fusion Energy Deputy Program Manager
  • Modeling and Analysis Department – Severe Accident Modeling
  • Derivative Classifier, Nuclear Energy (fission and fusion), Safeguards and Security,
    Weapons/Radiation Effects, UCNI Reviewer



Business/Industry Process Expert

Marian is the Founder of TURBOCAM International, an aerospace and turbomachinery manufacturing company based in New Hampshire, USA with manufacturing operations in USA, UK, Romania, and India, and sales offices in Netherlands. He has led the company from a start-up in 1985 to 1000 employees worldwide, and sales in the $150-200 million range.

TURBOCAM specializes in machining of complex bladed components for turbomachinery. It was built around custom CAD/CAM software and teamwork with engineers and machinists. Products include airfoils and flow paths of aircraft and rocket engines, turbochargers for low-emissions truck engines, propellers and fans, and small gas turbines.



Biomass Business/Industry Expert
PTT Director of Projects

Eldon is currently Director of Operations for D&S, a division of Mid-South Engineering.

Prior to November, 2013, Eldon was founder, principal engineer and President of D&S Engineering, Inc. Holding professional engineer licenses in twenty US states and three Canadian provinces, Eldon and the D&S team provided services throughout the eastern US and Canada. Eldon and D&S specialized in power generation systems.

Eldon holds degrees in mechanical engineering and pulp and paper technology from the University of Maine. He was a Tau Beta Pi engineering honor student. Eldon also is a graduate of Northeastern University management graduate program.



Energy/Power Systems Expert

Larry LeGree is a lifelong clean-energy advocate, who has joined the Peregrine team because he believes in the transformative power of advanced technology to improve the lives of everyone.  Larry brings the Navy Nuclear training, culture, standards, and technical judgment which has centered a career of fact-based risk-informed technical leadership. He currently serves as a Rear Admiral in the US Navy.

While at DOE, Larry served as a core member of several councils and working groups representing the Secretary of Energy that built strategic partnerships throughout the U.S. Government.

Larry holds an undergraduate engineering degree from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.  He also holds several advanced degrees with study at North Carolina State University, Duke University, The Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University, and the Harvard Kennedy School.



PTT’s pre-revenue investor base investor

Carson A. Adcock is President of Rydal Ventures, LLC, a family office that seeks to apply biblically wise wealth creation and asset management in the areas of early-stage business investing, commercial real estate management, and developing innovative non-profit organizations.  Carson earned a degree in economics from Wheaton College, where he graduated Suma Cum Laude.  He has done post-graduate coursework at Westminster Seminary and Wharton School of Business.

Carson previously served as Manager of Legal & Finance at his family’s third-generation distribution business.  He currently serves on boards and in advisory roles at for-profit companies, as well as for non-profit organizations



Businessman / Entrepreneur
CEO, Rydal Ventures

Following graduation from Juniata college with a degree in Economics in 1973, Dee joined the family business.  Dee lead the development from a local swimming pool equipment distribution company with annual sales of one million dollars to one of the largest independent swimming pool distributors in the country with sales exceeding $70 million prior to its’ sale in 2019.

Dee has been an angel investor in several successful start-up companies.