Good Morning All,

I have been working with Sonal Patel, POWER magazine’s senior associate editor, regarding our work on a PTT sCO2-MGA based thermal energy storage system. She was doing a featured category on Thermal Energy Storage for their December issue Why Thermal Energy Storage Offers Hot Prospects for Power. She included comments from our telephone discussions and materials I sent her in that update.

The below comments extracted from the section Promising TES Technologies for the Power Sector sub-section, Phase Change Technology:

“Maine-based Peregrine Turbine Technologies (PTT), Australian-based MGA Thermal, and Maine-based Cianbro Corp. are working on a first-of-kind 1-MW/16.5-MWh TES system at an existing Maine solar PV installation that will integrate miscibility gap alloy phase change technology and PTT’s supercritical carbon dioxide turbomachinery. As Robert Brooks, PTT chief business development officer and co-founder, told POWER in November, the TES is not intended to compete with batteries for immediacy, even though it may be less expensive than batteries when the dispatch duration is four hours or more at rated output. ‘Due to the capacity costs, there will always be some duration where the TES offers a lower cost than batteries. If fast-ramp discharge capacity is desired, then the lowest cost solution would be a [lithium]-ion/TES hybrid solution where batteries are used for immediacy and frequency support and the TES provides capacity,’ he explained. The driver of adoption for TES technology will less likely be its cost in dollars per MWh, ‘but rather its operating flexibility for deep cycling to capture revenue, its extended run time capacities, and the potential to capture capacity that is poorly utilized,’ Brooks suggested.”

Sonal will be doing a feature article highlighting Peregrine and our sCO2 TES efforts for their January issue.

We are delighted to be included in Sonal Patel’s article ” Why Thermal Energy Storage Offers Hot Prospects for Power”. Serving 180 countries with 15,000 subscribers, Power magazine is a leading source of information regarding power generation and energy storage. We are excited that Peregrine’s breakthrough sCO2 technologies for both thermal energy storage and power conversion are now making their entry into the commercial marketplace.

Just keeping you in the loop. More to come! Thank you again for your continued support.

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Robert N. Brooks 
Chief Business Development Officer and co-founder
Peregrine Turbine Technologies, LLC