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Microgrid includes built-in safeguards

Microgrid includes built-in safeguards By Kevin Robinson-Avila / Journal Staff Writer  www.abqjournal.com is an excellent example of how emerging DER and microgrid technologies are bringing strong, resilient, cost effective and environmentally friendly to the...

PTT Mentioned in POWER Magazine

Good Morning All, I have been working with Sonal Patel, POWER magazine's senior associate editor, regarding our work on a PTT sCO2-MGA based thermal energy storage system. She was doing a featured category on Thermal Energy Storage for their December issue Why Thermal...

Novel Cycles

Process Description The earliest variant of the PTT cycle, shown in Figure 1, is characterized by a symbiotic interaction between an air-Brayton cycle and a sCO2 Brayton cycle. The air discharged by the air-cycle compressor serves as a recuperation medium and is...


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