The Peregrine Turbine is described by industry players as “Transformational” and “Disruptive”. Our technology brings a whole new level of performance, fuel efficiency, and low emissions to the turbine world. The Peregrine Turbine is ideally and uniquely positioned to meet the demands of future platforms for advances in integrated propulsion, power and thermal management; a total energy management system. We provide capabilities currently not possible with conventional and even advanced adaptive cycle engine technologies.

There are a few crucial linchpins to addressing global poverty. Access to low-cost electric power generated with native renewable fuels is at the top of the list. By making electric power available to remote economically disadvantaged areas will immediately result in enhanced economic opportunity, job creation, increased gross domestic product, access to clean water, and improvements in agricultural production.

Peregrine Turbine Technologies: Bringing Transformational Technology to Power, Propulsion, and the Environment