Microgrids are local, interconnections of distributed energy resources (DERs) that are the keystone to the new energy systems of today and tomorrow.

New technologies have and are evolving that enable intergradation among DERs and optimization and analyze and employ strategies that bring optimization to a whole new level. The white paper linked below (How New Microgrid Technologies Enable Optimal Cooperation Among Distributed Energy Resources)  is an excellent article published by Schneider Electric that presents a straight forward overview of current and expected future advancements and the very important role they are/will play in enabling the energy systems of today and tomorrow.”

Key questions remain:

  • How resilient will interconnected DERS be? 
  • Will they have situational awareness and the ability to adapt real time?
  • Can the approach be applied to National Security DERs?
  • When will there be enough adaptive DER capacity in place to survive natural disasters like tornadoes, winter storms, flooding?

This posting and commentary are offered here for their particular relevance and the perspective they bring to the rapidly changing energy circumstances.